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c-rex.net provides cost-effective, market-leading and effective solutions for your ever changing technology requirements in such a fast paced industry.

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Use c-rex.net whenever you need data services without any time delay.
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Premium Information Services

c-rex.net provides end-to-end solutions for your organization to achieve your documentation objectives and to expand your capabilities for Information 4.0.

Infinite possibilities

Connect your devices and your technical documentations in order to automate your processes with #techcomm cloud services.

Feed IoT and Industry 4.0 with the information they require.

c-rex.net Digital Transformation Service
Infinite possibilities


c-rex.net DTS

Information Extraction

c-rex.net DTS Conversion Engine automatically extracts content and metadata from your unstructured and legacy documents and helps you take a step towards a world of structure.

Convert and migrate your documents to DITA XML, DocBook or any custom flavor XML.

c-rex.net DTS

Smart Editing

c-rex.net DTS CEx's mission is setting your content free. It helps you become independent from editors.

Edit your content in the editor of your choice and use c-rex.net Conversion Engine to roundtrip different editor formats. c-rex.net Conversion Engine brings thoughts of media-neutral content creation to any editor.

c-rex.net DTS

Translation Management

c-rex.net DTS Translation Engine manages complete translation processes for you.

First it prepares your content and generates standardized XLIFF documents which can be used with any Translation Memory System without any need for doing a TMS configuration.

c-rex.net DTS

Publishing solutions

Make use of the c-rex.net DTS Conversion Engine publishing solution which is perfectly integrated within the other three modules.
For instance, integrate the publishing module in your translation processes to optimize your review process.

c-rex.net DTS

Connect your #techcomm processes

Besides information processing and data conversion, the main focus of c-rex.net DTS is to connect #techcomm services with the cloud.

Connect your Content Management and Translation Management Systems as well as your Language Service Providers in order to automate your company's content processes with the support of Cloud Micro Services.

All c-rex.net DTS modules provide customizable workflows to connect to modern data services and to create flexible and individual processes.

c-rex.net Information Delivery Service
No Limits


c-rex.net IDS

Get ready for Information 4.0

Information 4.0 means connecting your technical documentations with machines and devices. c-rex.net IDS is designed to provide information units exactly when requested.

c-rex.net IDS

Focus on Information

Formats are out. Information is in. Machines need information in a format they unterstand. Who knows which client will connect to your information and which format they request? Perhaps a machine needs HTML5, perhaps it needs PDF and perhaps it might also be necessary to provide a proprietary format or a new uprising standard.

c-rex.net IDS helps you keep pace and respond as flexible and automated as possible.

c-rex.net IDS

Semantic Web - RDF is the Magic

Give your customers access to your documentation, including complete RDF metadata access. Let them create individual data queries to receive only the content they require.

c-rex.net IDS SPARQL interface provides infinite possibilities for creating individual queries for your technical information.

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