This subclause provides a high-level overview of the content described in the following schemas: dml-text.xsd, dml-textParagraph.xsd, dml-textRun.xsd, dml-textCharacter.xsd and dml-textBullet.xsd.

The best way to understand these schemas as they relate to one another is to learn about the DrawingML Text file format in the following order.

  • Text Overview

  • Body Level Properties

  • Paragraph Level Properties

  • Run and Character Level Properties

Companion schemas build on the ones discussed in this document. As these are encountered below, pointers to them are provided.

This subclause provides a structured breakdown of the text portion of the DrawingML file format. Other subclauses build on this foundation and explain more about topics such as text frame, text styles, text fields, and embedded fonts.

Note that DrawingML Text described within this document is distinct from <WordprocessingML> Text in that the file framework surrounding it has been optimized for use in a graphics-centric, presentation-like manner. As a contrast, <WordprocessingML> Text allows for text to be stored in a format that is optimized for layout of printed documents but not for art-based text as is found within the <<a:>> namespace.

Note that the use of the "p" namespace within this document references to the PresentationML-specific schemas while the use of the "a" namespace within this document references to the DrawingML-specific schemas.