WordprocessingML Drawing

Within a WordprocessingML document, it is possible to include graphical DrawingML objects:

  • Charts

  • Diagrams

  • Locked Canvases

  • Pictures

When these objects are present in a word processing document, it is necessary to include information that specifies how the objects are to be positioned relative to the paginated document.

The WordprocessingML Drawing namespace acts in this capacity, specifying all information necessary to anchor and display DrawingML objects within a word processing document.

Consider a DrawingML picture that is to displayed in the center of the printed page on which it appears, modifying the flow of text as necessary. This object would be specified as follows:

    <wp:anchor relativeHeight="10" allowOverlap="true">
      <wp:positionH relativeFrom="margin">
      <wp:positionV relativeFrom="margin">
      <wp:extent cx="2441542" cy="1828800"/>
      <wp:wrapSquare wrapText="bothSides"/>

The <anchor> element specifies that this object is not positioned in-line with text, and its child elements specify that the object is centered on the page horizontally and vertically, and that text can wrap around it in a square.