<subTnLst> (Sub-TimeNodes List)

This element describes time nodes that have a start time which is not based on the containing timenode. It is instead based on their master relationship (masterRel).  At runtime, they are inserted dynamically into the timing tree as child timenodes for playback, based on the logic defined by the master relationship. These elements are used for animations such as "dim after" and "play sound effects"

[Example: Consider an animation with a "Fly In" effect on paragraphs so that each paragraph flies in on a separate click. Then the "Dim After" effect for paragraph 1 doe not happen until paragraph 2 flies in. The <subTnLst> element should be used as follows:

  <p:cTn id="5" grpId="0" nodeType="clickEffect">
        <p:cBhvr override="childStyle">
          <p:cTn fill="hold" masterRel="nextClick" afterEffect="1"/>

End Example]

Parent Elements


Child Elements


<anim> (Animate)


<animClr> (Animate Color Behavior)


<animEffect> (Animate Effect)


<animMotion> (Animate Motion)


<animRot> (Animate Rotation)


<animScale> (Animate Scale)


<audio> (Audio)


<cmd> (Command)


<excl> (Exclusive)


<par> (Parallel Time Node)


<seq> (Sequence Time Node)


<set> (Set Time Node Behavior)


<video> (Video)


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_TimeNodeList">
	<choice minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="unbounded">
	<element name="par" type="CT_TLTimeNodeParallel"/>
	<element name="seq" type="CT_TLTimeNodeSequence"/>
	<element name="excl" type="CT_TLTimeNodeExclusive"/>
	<element name="anim" type="CT_TLAnimateBehavior"/>
	<element name="animClr" type="CT_TLAnimateColorBehavior"/>
	<element name="animEffect" type="CT_TLAnimateEffectBehavior"/>
	<element name="animMotion" type="CT_TLAnimateMotionBehavior"/>
	<element name="animRot" type="CT_TLAnimateRotationBehavior"/>
	<element name="animScale" type="CT_TLAnimateScaleBehavior"/>
	<element name="cmd" type="CT_TLCommandBehavior"/>
	<element name="set" type="CT_TLSetBehavior"/>
	<element name="audio" type="CT_TLMediaNodeAudio"/>
	<element name="video" type="CT_TLMediaNodeVideo"/>