<colItems> (Column Items)

Represents the collection of column items of the PivotTable.

In the following SpreadsheetML example the item values are found in cells C6:H8. For example "2001" / "3" / "July" values are in C7:C9. Those are the first column item values and are referenced by the first <i> element below.

<colItems count="5">
  <i r="2">
    <x v="1"/>
  <i r="2">
    <x v="2"/>
  <i t="default" r="1">
  <i t="default">

The first <i> collection represents all item values for the first column in the column axis area of the PivotTable. The first <x> in the first <i> corresponds to the first field in the columns area of the PivotTable, namely "Year". The implied index value of '0' on this <x> indicates that the item value for this first item in the column is the 0th item for this <pivotField>. The 0th item for this <pivotField> is itself an index to an item value into this field's shared items collection in the <pivotCacheDefinition> part, namely "2001".

The item values corresponding to the second and third <x> elements can be found in the same way, arriving at "3" for the second item value, and arriving at "July" for the third item value for this first column.

The second <i> collection expresses all 3 item values for the second column in the column axis area. The @r value of '2' indicates that the first two item values from the previous column will be repeated here, which means that the first item value for this second column will be "2001" again and the second item value for this second column will be "3". The third item value is expressed by the only <x> element under this second <i> element, and without further explanation is understood to reference the item value "August".

Parent Elements


Child Elements


<i> (Row Items)




<count> (Column Item Count)

Specifies the number of items on the column axis of the PivotTable.

The possible values for this attribute are defined by the XML Schema unsignedInt datatype.

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_colItems">
	<element name="i" maxOccurs="unbounded" type="CT_I"/>
	<attribute name="count" type="xsd:unsignedInt"/>