<ST_CellType> (Cell Type)

Indicates the cell's data type.

This simple type's contents are a restriction of the XML Schema string datatype.

The following are possible enumeration values for this type:

Enumeration Value


<b> (Boolean)

Cell containing a boolean.

<e> (Error)

Cell containing an error.

<inlineStr> (Inline String)

Cell containing an (inline) rich string, i.e., one not in the shared string table. If this cell type is used, then the cell value is in the <is> element rather than the <v> element in the cell (<c> element).

<n> (Number)

Cell containing a number.

<s> (Shared String)

Cell containing a shared string.

<str> (String)

Cell containing a formula string.

Referenced By

<c@t>; <cell@t>3.14.1); <nc@t>; <oc@t>

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this simple type:

<simpleType name="ST_CellType">
	<restriction base="xsd:string">
	<enumeration value="b"/>
	<enumeration value="n"/>
	<enumeration value="e"/>
	<enumeration value="s"/>
	<enumeration value="str"/>
	<enumeration value="inlineStr"/>