<ST_IconSetType> (Icon Set Type)

Icon set type for conditional formatting. The threshold values for triggering the different icons within a set are configurable, and the icon order is reversible. See element <iconSet> for more information.

This simple type's contents are a restriction of the XML Schema string datatype.

The following are possible enumeration values for this type:

Enumeration Value


<3Arrows> (3 Arrows)

3 arrows icon set.

<3ArrowsGray> (3 Arrows (Gray))

3 gray arrows icon set.

<3Flags> (3 Flags)

3 flags icon set.

<3Signs> (3 Signs)

3 signs icon set.

<3Symbols> (3 Symbols Circled)

3 symbols icon set.

<3Symbols2> (3 Symbols)

3 Symbols icon set.

<3TrafficLights1> (3 Traffic Lights)

3 traffic lights icon set (#1).

<3TrafficLights2> (3 Traffic Lights Black)

3 traffic lights icon set with thick black border.

<4Arrows> (4 Arrows)

4 arrows icon set.

<4ArrowsGray> (4 Arrows (Gray))

4 gray arrows icon set.

<4Rating> (4 Ratings)

4 ratings icon set.

<4RedToBlack> (4 Red To Black)

4 'red to black' icon set.

<4TrafficLights> (4 Traffic Lights)

4 traffic lights icon set.

<5Arrows> (5 Arrows)

5 arrows icon set.

<5ArrowsGray> (5 Arrows (Gray))

5 gray arrows icon set.

<5Quarters> (5 Quarters)

5 quarters icon set.

<5Rating> (5 Ratings Icon Set)

5 rating icon set.

Referenced By

<iconFilter@iconSet>; <iconSet@iconSet>; <sortCondition@iconSet>

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this simple type:

<simpleType name="ST_IconSetType">
	<restriction base="xsd:string">
	<enumeration value="3Arrows"/>
	<enumeration value="3ArrowsGray"/>
	<enumeration value="3Flags"/>
	<enumeration value="3TrafficLights1"/>
	<enumeration value="3TrafficLights2"/>
	<enumeration value="3Signs"/>
	<enumeration value="3Symbols"/>
	<enumeration value="3Symbols2"/>
	<enumeration value="4Arrows"/>
	<enumeration value="4ArrowsGray"/>
	<enumeration value="4RedToBlack"/>
	<enumeration value="4Rating"/>
	<enumeration value="4TrafficLights"/>
	<enumeration value="5Arrows"/>
	<enumeration value="5ArrowsGray"/>
	<enumeration value="5Rating"/>
	<enumeration value="5Quarters"/>