<childTnLst> (Children Time Node List)

This element describes the list of time nodes that have a fixed location in the timing tree based on their parent time node. The children's start time is defined relative to their parent time node’s start.

Parent Elements


Child Elements


<anim> (Animate)


<animClr> (Animate Color Behavior)


<animEffect> (Animate Effect)


<animMotion> (Animate Motion)


<animRot> (Animate Rotation)


<animScale> (Animate Scale)


<audio> (Audio)


<cmd> (Command)


<excl> (Exclusive)


<par> (Parallel Time Node)


<seq> (Sequence Time Node)


<set> (Set Time Node Behavior)


<video> (Video)


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_TimeNodeList">
	<choice minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="unbounded">
	<element name="par" type="CT_TLTimeNodeParallel"/>
	<element name="seq" type="CT_TLTimeNodeSequence"/>
	<element name="excl" type="CT_TLTimeNodeExclusive"/>
	<element name="anim" type="CT_TLAnimateBehavior"/>
	<element name="animClr" type="CT_TLAnimateColorBehavior"/>
	<element name="animEffect" type="CT_TLAnimateEffectBehavior"/>
	<element name="animMotion" type="CT_TLAnimateMotionBehavior"/>
	<element name="animRot" type="CT_TLAnimateRotationBehavior"/>
	<element name="animScale" type="CT_TLAnimateScaleBehavior"/>
	<element name="cmd" type="CT_TLCommandBehavior"/>
	<element name="set" type="CT_TLSetBehavior"/>
	<element name="audio" type="CT_TLMediaNodeAudio"/>
	<element name="video" type="CT_TLMediaNodeVideo"/>