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c-rex.net DTS (Digital Transformation Service) is a cloud service which gives you infinite possibilities in managing automated data processing scenarios.

As Microsoft Word (OOXML) is one of the formats we convert from and to, we have to work a lot with the ECMA-376 or OOXML specification. If you have ever had access to this ~7000 pages specification, you know it's very annoying to work with this spec in PDF, Word or even printed documents. For our work we need to have a full responsive web layout, a good content navigation, syntax highlighting and of course full-text search.

So we decided to configure c-rex.net to extract all the information out of the Word document and to bring these documents to DITA and from here to a web help, which fulfills all the requirements for our daily business.

We started with 1st Edition from 2006, as all content is available in Word format from the ECMA-376 page. Meanwhile we got Edition 5 documents from ECMA also in Word and we will bring them to web help, within the next few weeks. So stay tuned.

We decided to make this work public to all of you.. As ECMA provides this content for free without any restrictions, have fun with this stuff. But note: this document is provided "as-is" without any warrenty. If you don't accept this, please feel free to use the original content from ECMA homepage.


Conversion from Word to web help is done automatically. A good chance for you to get the most out of your legacy documents.

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