Additional Syntax Constraints

Although the set of XML Schemas included in Annex A specifies a majority of the requirements needed to ensure document conformance, there also exists a set of constraints that cannot easily be expressed in the XML Schema syntax (otherwise referred to as additional syntax constraints). These additional constraints can be deduced from the normative content of this Part, and are included in the requirements for document conformance.

The following is a sample of such constraints specified in this Part:



WordprocessingML Paragraphs

The <caps> element shall not be present with the <smallCaps> element on the same run, since they are mutually exclusive in terms of appearance.

WordprocessingML Headers and Footers

If the relationship type of the relationship specified by this element shall be present, have a @TargetMode attribute value of Internal, and a @Type attribute value of

WordprocessingML Annotations

Each "cross-structure" annotation shall have a start element whose @id attribute value matches the @id attribute value of the corresponding end element.

SpreadsheetML Formulas

The syntax of the value of a formula shall conform to the structure of a formula as defined in the Formulas subclause.

SpreadsheetML Styles

The @xfId attribute on the <cellStyles> element shall specify an @xf record which is present in the <cellStyleXfs> collection.

PresentationML Slides

Each @sldId attribute in a <sldLst> shall have a unique value for its @id attribute (within the scope of the collection).

PresentationML Slides

A <customShow> element specifies a range of slides (a start and end slide) in PresentationML to define the set of slides that define a slide show. There shall be slides in the presentation that have slide IDs referenced in these attributes and the start slide shall be before the end slide.

DrawingML Main

The @id attribute on the <stCxn> and <endCxn> elements specifies the start and end shapes to be connected. Shapes with matching @id attribute values shall exist elsewhere in the <spTree>.