c-rex.net conversion

  • Fully automated conversion from sources like OOXML (docx) and PDF to responsive Webhelp

  • DITA 1.3 as target and intermediate format
  • making use of DITA 1.3 domain XML mention domain and DITA Programming domain and more

  • Content/Text analysis for identifying simple and more complex DITA structure like <example>, <note>, <filepath> and much more

  • Integration of oXygen XML Webhelp for responsive web help generation


  • full responsive web help which support individual Corporate Identity and Corporate Design

  • XML-Syntax-Highlighting

  • Full-text search over all parts of specification
  • Based on most popular bootstrap framework

  • Optional Google Analytics integration

  • Optional Disqus integration

  • Rember your favorite pages

  • Toogle mini toc to get more space on smaller devices