General Description

This Open Packaging specification is intended for use by implementers, academics, and application programmers. As such, it contains a considerable amount of explanatory material that, strictly speaking, is not necessary in a formal specification.

This Open Packaging specification is divided into the following subdivisions:

  1. Front matter (clauses 1–7);

  2. Overview (clause 8);

  3. Main body (clauses 9-13);

  4. Annexes

Examples are provided to illustrate possible forms of the constructions described. References are used to refer to related clauses. Notes are provided to give advice or guidance to implementers or programmers. Annexes provide additional information and summarize the information contained in this Open Packaging specification.

The following form the normative part of this Open Packaging specification:

The following form the informative part of this Open Packaging specification:

Whole clauses and annexes that are informative are identified as such. Informative text that is contained within normative text is identified as either an example, or a note as specified in 4.1, “Document Conventions.”