Resolving Unicode Strings to Part Names

Package clients might use Unicode strings for referencing parts in a package.
example: : Values of xsd:anyURI data type within XML markup are Unicode strings.

This annex specifies how such Unicode strings shall be resolved to part names.

The diagram below illustrates the conversion path from the Unicode string to a part name. The numbered arcs identify string transformations.

Figure: A–1. Strings are converted to part names for referencing parts

A Unicode string representing a URI can be passed to the producer or consumer. The producing or consuming application shall convert the Unicode string to a URI. If the URI is a relative reference, the application shall resolve it using the base URI of the part, which is expressed using the pack scheme, to the URI of the referenced part. [M1.33]

The process for resolving a Unicode string to a part name follows Arcs [1-2], [2-3], and [3-4].