Audio Part

Content Type:

Any supported audio type.

Root Namespace:

not applicable

Source Relationship:

An instance of this part type contains an audio file.

A PresentationML package is permitted to contain zero or more Sound parts, each of which shall be the target of a relationship in a Handout Master (§13.3.3), Notes Slide (§13.3.5), Notes Master (§13.3.4), Slide (§13.3.8), Slide Layout (§13.3.9), or Slide Master (§13.3.10) part-relationship item.
example: : The following Slide part-relationship item contains a relationship to a Sound part, which is stored as the file E:\Beethoven's Symphony No. 9.wma:
<Relationships xmlns="…">
  <Relationship Id="rId1" 

An Audio part may be located within or external to the package containing the source relationship (expressed syntactically, the @TargetMode attribute of the <Relationship> element may be Internal or External).

An Audio part is not stored as XML; instead, it involves a relationship target that is an audio clip.

An Audio part shall not have implicit or explicit relationships to other parts defined by this Standard.