Glossary of SpreadsheetML-Specific Terms

The following terms are used in the context of a SpreadsheetML document:

cell — The location at the intersection of a row and column, in which numeric or textual data or a formula is stored. A cell can have a number of characteristics, such as numeric or text formatting, alignment, font, color, and border.

cell reference — An individual cell's designation using a combination of its column and row headings, as in A13, H19, and BX1200. A relative cell reference in a formula automatically changes when the formula is copied down a column or across a row. An absolute cell reference is fixed. Absolute references don't change when a formula is copied from one cell to another. A mixed cell reference has either an absolute column and a relative row, or an absolute row and a relative column.

chart — A graphical representation of data, as in a bar, column, line, pie chart, for example.

column — Any vertical set of cells in a worksheet. Each column has an alphabetic heading. Columns are named sequentially, going from A–Z, then AA–AZ, BA–BZ, and so on.

comment — A reminder or annotation that can be attached to a cell.

connection — The means by which external data—that is, data stored outside of a workbook (in a database or on a Web server, for example)—can be imported into a worksheet.

formula — A recipe for calculating a value. Some formulas are predefined; others are user-defined.

function — A predefined formula, such as AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, and SUM. A function takes one or more arguments on which it operates, producing a result.
Note: : In the formula =SUM(B1:B4), there is one argument, B1:B4, which is the range of cells B1–B4, inclusive.

pivot table — A kind of table that is used to manage and analyze related data that is stored elsewhere.

row — Any horizontal set of cells in a worksheet. Each row has a numeric heading. Rows are numbered sequentially, starting at 1.

table — A rectangular-shaped set of related rows and columns that can be sorted, filtered, and totaled as a group. Rows in a table can be hidden by applying autofilters to one or more columns.

workbook — A collection of worksheets.

worksheet — A two-dimensional grid of cells that are organized into rows and columns.