QueryTable Data

Query tables are 2 dimensional tables of data bound to an external query of some kind. A query table could for example show specific data from a text file, from a web query, or from a database query.


Data connectivity can use a number of different technologies. The following spreadsheetML fragment is one an example of a query table connected to a database:

<queryTable xmlns="…" name="Northwind Orders" rowNumbers="1"
  growShrinkType="overwriteClear" connectionId="1" autoFormatId="16" 
  applyNumberFormats="0" applyBorderFormats="0" applyFontFormats="0" 
  applyPatternFormats="0" applyAlignmentFormats="0" applyWidthHeightFormats="0">
  <queryTableRefresh nextId="15">
    <queryTableFields count="12">
      <queryTableField id="1" name="OrderID" tableColumnId="1"/>
      <queryTableField id="2" name="CustomerID" tableColumnId="2"/>
      <queryTableField id="3" name="EmployeeID" tableColumnId="3"/>
      <queryTableField id="4" name="OrderDate" tableColumnId="4"/>
      <queryTableField id="5" name="RequiredDate" tableColumnId="5"/>
      <queryTableField id="6" name="ShippedDate" tableColumnId="6"/>
      <queryTableField id="7" name="ShipName" tableColumnId="7"/>
      <queryTableField id="8" name="ShipAddress" tableColumnId="8"/>
      <queryTableField id="9" name="ShipCity" tableColumnId="9"/>
      <queryTableField id="10" name="ShipRegion" tableColumnId="10"/>
      <queryTableField id="11" name="ShipPostalCode" tableColumnId="11"/>
      <queryTableField id="12" name="ShipCountry" tableColumnId="12"/>

And here's an example of the spreadsheetML fragment defining a query table connected to a text import:

<queryTable xmlns="…" name="data in text" connectionId="1" autoFormatId="16"
  applyNumberFormats="0" applyBorderFormats="0" applyFontFormats="1" 
  applyPatternFormats="1" applyAlignmentFormats="0" 

Elsewhere in the spreadsheetML file, a <connection element> is defined with the name "Northwind Orders" that describes how to connect to the appropriate database to refresh data for the query table.