Chart Drawing Part

Content Type:


Root Namespace:

Source Relationship:

An instance of this part type contains all basic drawing elements (shapes) which are explicitly associated with this chart. These drawing elements are automatically moved with the chart when it is moved and resized when the chart is resized.

A package is permitted to contain one Chart Drawing part per chart part, and each such part shall be the target of an explicit relationship from a Chart (§14.2.1) part.

<Relationships xmlns="…">
  <Relationship Id="rId2" 
    Type="http://…/chartUserShapes" Target="../drawings/drawing1.xml"/>

The root element for a part of this content type shall be< userShapes>.

<c:userShapes xmlns:cdr="…" xmlns:c="…">

A Chart Drawing part shall be located within the package containing the source relationship (expressed syntactically, the @TargetMode attribute of the <Relationship> element shall be Internal).

A Chart Drawing part is permitted to have explicit relationships to the following parts defined by this Standard:

A Chart Drawing part shall not have any implicit or explicit relationships to any other part defined by this Standard.