Theme Override Part

Content Type:


Root Namespace:

Source Relationship:

An instance of this part type contains information about an object’s theme override, which are overrides to the color scheme, font scheme, and format scheme (the latter also being referred to as effects) for a particular slide, notes slide, or handout.

A PresentationML package shall contain zero or one Theme Override part per Notes Slide (§13.3.5), Slide (§13.3.8), or Slide Layout (§13.3.9) part via an implicit relationship.

<Relationships xmlns="…">
  <Relationship Id="rId1" 
    Type="http://…/themeOverride" Target="theme/themeoverride1.xml"/>

The root element for a part of this content type shall be< ossOverride>.

<a:ossOverride xmlns:a="…" ></a:ossOverride>

A Theme Override part shall be located within the package containing the source relationship (expressed syntactically, the @TargetMode attribute of the <Relationship> element shall be Internal).

A Theme Override part shall not contain implicit or explicit relationships to other parts defined by this Standard.