DrawingML - WordprocessingML Drawing

Within a WordprocessingML document, it is possible to include graphical DrawingML objects:

  • Pictures (§5.2)

  • Locked Canvases (§5.4)

  • Diagrams (§5.9)

  • Charts (§5.7)

When these objects are present in a word processing document, it is necessary to include information which specifies how the objects shall be positioned relative to the paginated document.
example: : Whether the object is displayed in line with text.

The WordprocessingML Drawing namespace acts in this capacity, specifying all information necessary to anchor and display DrawingML objects within a word processing document.

    <wp:anchor relativeHeight="10" allowOverlap="true">
      <wp:positionH relativeFrom="margin">
      <wp:positionV relativeFrom="margin">
      <wp:extent cx="2441542" cy="1828800"/>
      <wp:wrapSquare wrapText="bothSides"/>

The <anchor> element (§ specifies that this object is not positioned in line with text, and its child elements specify that the object is centered on the page horizontally and vertically (§; §, and that text can wrap around it in a square (§ ]