The next component of a WordprocessingML document is storing information about the fonts used in the document. WordprocessingML stores two pieces of information about fonts:

  • (optionally) Information about the font to enable font substitution. Font substitution is a process by which an application, when it cannot locate a specific font, attempts to locate the closest possible match to the intended appearance of the font

  • (optionally) One or more embedded forms of the font for use on systems which do not have access to the font. When fonts are embedded, they are obfuscated to ensure that they are only used to view the contents of the document in which they are embedded, and for no other purpose.

  <w:font w:name="Times New Roman">
    <w:panose1 w:val="02020603050405020304" />
    <w:charset w:val="00" />
    <w:family w:val="roman" />
    <w:pitch w:val="variable" />
    <w:sig w:usb0="20002A87" w:usb1="80000000" w:usb2="00000008" w:usb3="00000000" w:csb0="000001FF" w:csb1="00000000" />
    <w:embedRegular r:id="rId10" w:fontKey="{302EE813-EB4A-4642-A93A-89EF99B2457E}" />

The font table contains information about the Times New Roman font; specifically, information used to locate a substitute font when it is not available and a relationship to the embedded form of the regular form of the font. ]