Glossary Document

Within a WordprocessingML file, the glossary document is a supplemental storage location for additional document content which shall travel with the document, but which shall not be displayed for printed as part of the main document until it is explicitly added to that document by deliberate action.

The glossary document shall also be afforded a separate instance of all of the relationships which are provided on the main document part - this means that the glossary document shall have its own style definitions, numbering definitions, comments, headers, footers, etc. within the WordprocessingML document.


Within the glossary document, each distinct region of document content is referred to as a glossary document entry, and is defined via the <docPart> element (§2.12.5). These document parts may contain any block-level WordprocessingML element, and may also have a set of classifications and behaviors applied to them via the glossary document entry's properties.

            <w:t>Sample entry.</w:t>

The <glossaryDocument> element (§2.12.10) defines the contents of the glossary document part. Within the glossary document, each <docPart> element contains the definition for one glossary document entry: in this case, there are two entries in the glossary document, the first of which contains a single paragraph with a single run of text. ]