<from> (Starting Anchor Point)

This element specifies the first anchor point for the drawing element. This will be used to anchor the top and left sides of the shape within the spreadsheet. That is when the cell that is specified in the <from> element is adjusted, the shape will also be adjusted.

[Example: Consider the following <SpreadsheetDrawingML>

  <xdr:sp macro="" textlink="">

The above example shows the first anchor point being specified via the <from> element. End example]

Parent Elements

<oneCellAnchor>; <twoCellAnchor>

Child Elements


<col> (Column))


<colOff> (Column Offset)


<row> (Row)


<rowOff> (Row Offset)


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_Marker">
	<element name="col" type="ST_ColID"/>
	<element name="colOff" type="a:ST_Coordinate"/>
	<element name="row" type="ST_RowID"/>
	<element name="rowOff" type="a:ST_Coordinate"/>