The next level of the document hierarchy is the run, which defines a region of text with a common set of properties, represented by the @r element (§ An <r >element allows the producer to specify a single set of formatting properties, applying the same information to all the contents of the run.

Just as a paragraph can have properties, so too can a run. All of the elements inside an <r >element have their properties controlled by a corresponding optional <rPr >run properties element (§; §, which must be the first child of the <r> element. In turn, the <rPr> element is a container for a set of property elements that are applied to the rest of the children of the <r> element.
Note: : The elements inside the <rPr >container element allow the consumer to control whether the content in the following run content is bold, underlined, or visible, for example.

The run specifies two formatting properties in its run contents: bold and italic. These properties are therefore applied to all content within this run. ]