<ST_LongHexNumber> (Four Digit Hexadecimal Number Value)

This simple type specifies a number value specified as a four octet (eight digit) hexadecimal number), whose contents are interpreted based on the context of the parent XML element.


This value is valid, as it contains four hexadecimal octets, each an encoding of an octet of the actual decimal number value. ]

This simple type's contents are a restriction of the XML Schema hexBinary datatype.

This simple type also specifies the following restrictions:

  • This simple type's contents must have a length of exactly 4 characters.

Referenced By

<documentProtection@algIdExt>; <documentProtection@cryptProviderTypeExt>; <lvl@tplc>2.9.6); <lvl@tplc>2.9.7); <nsid@val>2.9.15); <p@rsidDel>; <p@rsidP>; <p@rsidR>; <p@rsidRDefault>; <p@rsidRPr>; <r@rsidDel>; <r@rsidR>; <r@rsidRPr>; <rsid@val>; <rsid@val>; <rsidRoot@val>; <sectPr@rsidDel>2.6.17); <sectPr@rsidDel>2.6.18); <sectPr@rsidDel>2.6.19); <sectPr@rsidR>2.6.17); <sectPr@rsidR>2.6.18); <sectPr@rsidR>2.6.19); <sectPr@rsidRPr>2.6.17); <sectPr@rsidRPr>2.6.18); <sectPr@rsidRPr>2.6.19); <sectPr@rsidSect>2.6.17); <sectPr@rsidSect>2.6.18); <sectPr@rsidSect>2.6.19); <sig@csb0>; <sig@csb1>; <sig@usb0>; <sig@usb1>; <sig@usb2>; <sig@usb3>; <tmpl@val>2.9.31); <tr@rsidDel>2.4.75); <tr@rsidR>2.4.75); <tr@rsidRPr>2.4.75); <tr@rsidTr>2.4.75); <writeProtection@algIdExt>; <writeProtection@cryptProviderTypeExt>

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this simple type:

<simpleType name="ST_LongHexNumber">
	<restriction base="xsd:hexBinary">
	<length value="4"/>