VML - Office Drawing

It is possible to include graphical VML objects in Office Open XML documents. The elements describing the core graphical objects are defined in the VML namespace. Additional elements that describe certain advanced shape effects, metadata and relationships are defined in this namespace.


The basic speech bubble shape is defined using VML. The 3-D effect is defined using the extrusion element in this namespace. The @specularity attribute defines the subtle sharp reflection on the edge of the shape. The @color attribute sets the extrusion to a different color than the face of the shape. The @rotationangle attribute sets the shape's rotation about the X- and Y-axes. The @lightposition and @lightposition2 attributes set the positions of the light sources that illuminate the shape.

  <o:extrusion v:ext="view" specularity="80000f" color="#c4bc96 [2414]" on="t" 
  rotationangle="-5,15" lightposition="0,-50000" lightposition2="0,50000" 

This element is a child of the primary shape definition:

<v:shape id="_x0000_s1030" type="#_x0000_t62" 
  margin-top:60pt;width:69pt;height:57pt;z-index:251658240" adj="1675,27171" 
  fillcolor="#ddd8c2 [2894]">
  <o:extrusion ... />

Note that, throughout VML, numeric values that are allowed to take units may be specified in: cm (centimeters), mm (millimeters), in (inches), pt (points), pc (picas), px (pixels).