VML - WordprocessingML Drawing

Within a WordprocessingML document, it is possible to include graphical VML objects. When these objects are present in a word processing document, it is necessary to include information about the object which is specific to their presence in a word processing document.


The VML WordprocessingML Drawing namespace acts in this capacity, specifying all information necessary to anchor and display VML objects within a word processing document.

All elements defined in this subclause shall only appear in a WordprocessingML document.

This object allows surrounding text to wrap around its top and bottom, but not to either side, so this interaction with the surrounding document text (which is specific to a word processing document) is stored in the WordprocessingML Drawing namespace as follows:

<v:shape  ><wd:wrap wd:type="topAndBottom" />

The <wrap> element specifies how surrounding WordprocessingML document content shall wrap around the floating VML object - in this case, by wrapping to its top and bottom extents via the @type attribute value of topAndBottom. ]