Web Page Settings

The next group of settings stored in WordprocessingML is web page settings. These settings specify two categories of settings:

  • Settings which are related to HTML documents (i.e. frameset definitions) that may be used in WordprocessingML documents as well

  • All settings which affect how this document shall be handled when it is saved as HTML. Actually saving a document as HTML is outside of the scope of this Office Open XML Standard, but in order to ensure the maximum interoperability between a WordprocessingML document and an HTML document, settings not explicitly stored elsewhere are stored in these settings.

  <w:doNotUseLongFileNames w:val="true" />

The <webSettings> element contains all of the web page settings for this document. In this case, the web page settings specified for this document are: a frameset defined using the <frameset> element (§; and a setting specifying that when this file is saved as a web page, all resulting files shall not exceed 8.3 characters in length using the <doNotUseLongFileNames> element (§ ]