<annotationRef> (Comment Information Block)

This element specifies the presence of an annotation reference mark at the current location in the comment. An annotation reference mark is an information block that represents the metadata about the current comment within the document. This annotation reference mark should typically consist of the initials and a unique integer associated with its position in the document, but may be displayed in any desired format.

If this element is omitted from a single comment's contents, then an annotation reference mark may be added at the start of the comment in reading order (right in a right-to-left paragraph or left in a left-to-right paragraph). As well, an annotation reference mark may be relocated as desired within a comment's content.


This comment is represented as the following WordprocessingML fragment:

<w:comment  w:initials="User">
      <w:annotationRef />

The <annotationRef> element specifies that the comment shall start with an annotation reference mark. In this example, this mark is displayed as a combination of the user initial, User, and a unique sequential number, 1. ]

Parent Elements

<r>; <r>

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_Empty"/>