Paragraph Formatting

This level of formatting allows for more granular control of text within a shape. Properties here apply to all text residing within the corresponding paragraph. This intermediate property level allows freedom to assign what would seem like lower level properties to a larger group of text. Along with this the paragraph property level also allows what would seem like larger group properties to a more granular set of text. This makes for a property level that is quite versatile in its ability to define formatting on text within a shape.

    <a:buFont typeface="Wingdings"/>
    <a:buChar typeface="ü"/>
    <a:rPr lang="en-US" dirty="0" smtClean="0"/>
    <a:t>This Paragraph of Text Will Have a Bullet.</a:t>

Here we see that the paragraph will be formatted to have character bullets for each new line of text that is encountered. In particular this paragraph will have the "ü" character applied which in the "Wingdings" font is the checkmark character. The other paragraphs will not be effected by this paragraph's bullet formatting and should have their text remain unformatted.