<lnSpc> (Line Spacing)

This element specifies the vertical line spacing that is to be used within a paragraph. This may be specified in two different ways, percentage spacing and font point spacing. If this element is omitted then the spacing between two lines of text should be determined by the point size of the largest piece of text within a line.

        <a:spcPct val="200000"/>
      <a:rPr lang="en-US" dirty="0" smtClean="0"/>
      <a:rPr lang="en-US" smtClean="0"/>
      <a:rPr lang="en-US" dirty="0" smtClean="0"/>

This paragraph will have two lines of text that will have percentage based vertical spacing. This kind of spacing should change based on the size of the text involved as its size is calculated as a percentage of this. ]

Parent Elements

<defPPr>; <lvl1pPr>; <lvl2pPr>; <lvl3pPr>; <lvl4pPr>; <lvl5pPr>; <lvl6pPr>; <lvl7pPr>; <lvl8pPr>; <lvl9pPr>; <pPr>

Child Elements


<spcPct> (Spacing Percent)


<spcPts> (Spacing Points)


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_TextSpacing">
	<element name="spcPct" type="CT_TextSpacingPercent"/>
	<element name="spcPts" type="CT_TextSpacingPoint"/>