<spcAft> (Space After)

This element specifies the amount of vertical white space that will be present after a paragraph. This space is specified in either percentage or points via the child elements <spcPct> and <spcPts>.

    <a:pPr …>
        <a:spcPts val="1800"/>
        <a:spcPts val="600"/>
    </a:pPr><a:t>Sample Text</a:t></a:p></p:txBody>

The above paragraph of text will be formatted to have a spacing both before and after the paragraph text. The spacing before will be a size of 18 points, or <value=1800> and the spacing after will be a size of 6 points, or <value=600>. ]

Parent Elements

<defPPr>; <lvl1pPr>; <lvl2pPr>; <lvl3pPr>; <lvl4pPr>; <lvl5pPr>; <lvl6pPr>; <lvl7pPr>; <lvl8pPr>; <lvl9pPr>; <pPr>

Child Elements


<spcPct> (Spacing Percent)


<spcPts> (Spacing Points)


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_TextSpacing">
	<element name="spcPct" type="CT_TextSpacingPercent"/>
	<element name="spcPts" type="CT_TextSpacingPoint"/>