<spcPct> (Spacing Percent)

This element specifies the amount of white space that is to be used between lines and paragraphs in the form of a percentage of the text size. The text size that is used to calculate the spacing here is the text for each run, with the largest text size having precedence. That is if there is a run of text with 10 point font and within the same paragraph on the same line there is a run of text with a 12 point font size then the 12 point should be used to calculate the spacing to be used.

    <a:pPr …>
        <a:spcPct val="200000"/>
    </a:pPr><a:t>Sample Text</a:t></a:p></p:txBody>

The above paragraph of text will be formatted to have a spacing before the paragraph text. This spacing will be 200% of the size of the largest text on each line. ]

Parent Elements

<lnSpc>; <spcAft>; <spcBef>



<val> (Value)

Specifies the percentage of the size that the white space should be. It is specified here in terms of 100% being equal to 100000 and 1% being specified in increments of 1000.

The possible values for this attribute are defined by the ST_TextSpacingPercent simple type (§

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_TextSpacingPercent">
	<attribute name="val" type="ST_TextSpacingPercent" use="required"/>