<ST_AdjCoordinate> (Adjustable Coordinate Methods)

This simple type is an adjustable coordinate is either an absolute coordinate position or a reference to a geometry guide.

This simple type is defined as a union of the following types:

  • TheST_Coordinate simple type (§

  • TheST_GeomGuideName simple type (§

Referenced By

<ahPolar@maxR>; <ahPolar@minR>; <ahXY@maxX>; <ahXY@maxY>; <ahXY@minX>; <ahXY@minY>; <arcTo@hR>; <arcTo@wR>; <pos@x>; <pos@y>; <pt@x>; <pt@y>; <rect@b>; <rect@l>; <rect@r>; <rect@t>

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this simple type:

<simpleType name="ST_AdjCoordinate">
	<union memberTypes="ST_Coordinate ST_GeomGuideName"/>