<ST_PresetPatternVal> (Preset Pattern Value)

This simple type indicates a preset type of pattern fill. The description of each value contains an illustration of the fill type.


This simple type's contents are a restriction of the XML Schema token datatype.

The following are possible enumeration values for this type:

Enumeration Value


<cross> (Cross)

<dashDnDiag> (Dashed Downward Diagonal)

<dashHorz> (Dashed Horizontal)

<dashUpDiag> (Dashed Upward DIagonal)

<dashVert> (Dashed Vertical)

<diagBrick> (Diagonal Brick)

<diagCross> (Diagonal Cross)

<divot> (Divot)

<dkDnDiag> (Dark Downward Diagonal)

<dkHorz> (Dark Horizontal)

<dkUpDiag> (Dark Upward Diagonal)

<dkVert> (Dark Vertical)

<dnDiag> (Downward Diagonal)

<dotDmnd> (Dotted Diamond)

<dotGrid> (Dotted Grid)

<horz> (Horizontal)

<horzBrick> (Horizontal Brick)

<lgCheck> (Large Checker Board)

<lgConfetti> (Large Confetti)

<lgGrid> (Large Grid)

<ltDnDiag> (Light Downward Diagonal)

<ltHorz> (Light Horizontal)

<ltUpDiag> (Light Upward Diagonal)

<ltVert> (Light Vertical)

<narHorz> (Narrow Horizontal)

<narVert> (Narrow Vertical)

<openDmnd> (Open Diamond)

<pct10> (10%)

<pct20> (20%)

<pct25> (25%)

<pct30> (30%)

<pct40> (40%)

<pct5> (5%)

<pct50> (50%)

<pct60> (60%)

<pct70> (70%)

<pct75> (75%)

<pct80> (80%)

<pct90> (90%)

<plaid> (Plaid)

<shingle> (Shingle)

<smCheck> (Small Checker Board)

<smConfetti> (Small Confetti)

<smGrid> (Small Grid)

<solidDmnd> (Solid Diamond)

<sphere> (Sphere)

<trellis> (Trellis)

<upDiag> (Upward Diagonal)

<vert> (Vertical)

<wave> (Wave)

<wdDnDiag> (Wide Downward Diagonal)

<wdUpDiag> (Wide Upward Diagonal)

<weave> (Weave)

<zigZag> (Zig Zag)

Referenced By


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this simple type:

<simpleType name="ST_PresetPatternVal">
	<restriction base="xsd:token">
	<enumeration value="pct5"/>
	<enumeration value="pct10"/>
	<enumeration value="pct20"/>
	<enumeration value="pct25"/>
	<enumeration value="pct30"/>
	<enumeration value="pct40"/>
	<enumeration value="pct50"/>
	<enumeration value="pct60"/>
	<enumeration value="pct70"/>
	<enumeration value="pct75"/>
	<enumeration value="pct80"/>
	<enumeration value="pct90"/>
	<enumeration value="horz"/>
	<enumeration value="vert"/>
	<enumeration value="ltHorz"/>
	<enumeration value="ltVert"/>
	<enumeration value="dkHorz"/>
	<enumeration value="dkVert"/>
	<enumeration value="narHorz"/>
	<enumeration value="narVert"/>
	<enumeration value="dashHorz"/>
	<enumeration value="dashVert"/>
	<enumeration value="cross"/>
	<enumeration value="dnDiag"/>
	<enumeration value="upDiag"/>
	<enumeration value="ltDnDiag"/>
	<enumeration value="ltUpDiag"/>
	<enumeration value="dkDnDiag"/>
	<enumeration value="dkUpDiag"/>
	<enumeration value="wdDnDiag"/>
	<enumeration value="wdUpDiag"/>
	<enumeration value="dashDnDiag"/>
	<enumeration value="dashUpDiag"/>
	<enumeration value="diagCross"/>
	<enumeration value="smCheck"/>
	<enumeration value="lgCheck"/>
	<enumeration value="smGrid"/>
	<enumeration value="lgGrid"/>
	<enumeration value="dotGrid"/>
	<enumeration value="smConfetti"/>
	<enumeration value="lgConfetti"/>
	<enumeration value="horzBrick"/>
	<enumeration value="diagBrick"/>
	<enumeration value="solidDmnd"/>
	<enumeration value="openDmnd"/>
	<enumeration value="dotDmnd"/>
	<enumeration value="plaid"/>
	<enumeration value="sphere"/>
	<enumeration value="weave"/>
	<enumeration value="divot"/>
	<enumeration value="shingle"/>
	<enumeration value="wave"/>
	<enumeration value="trellis"/>
	<enumeration value="zigZag"/>