<ST_ColorSchemeIndex> (Theme Color Reference)

A reference to a color in the color scheme.

This simple type's contents are a restriction of the XML Schema token datatype.

The following are possible enumeration values for this type:

Enumeration Value


<accent1> (Accent 1)

Represents the accent 1 color.

<accent2> (Accent 2)

Represents the accent 2 color.

<accent3> (Accent 3)

Represents the accent 3 color.

<accent4> (Accent 4)

Represents the accent 4 color.

<accent5> (Accent 5)

Represents the accent 5 color.

<accent6> (Accent 6)

Represents the accent 6 color.

<dk1> (Dark 1)

Represents the first dark color.

<dk2> (Dark 2)

Represents the second dark color.

<folHlink> (Followed Hyperlink)

Represents the followed hyperlink color.

<hlink> (Hyperlink)

Represents the hyperlink color.

<lt1> (Light 1)

Represents the first light color.

<lt2> (Light 2)

Represents the second light color.

Referenced By

<clrMap@accent1>; <clrMap@accent1>; <clrMap@accent2>; <clrMap@accent2>; <clrMap@accent3>; <clrMap@accent3>; <clrMap@accent4>; <clrMap@accent4>; <clrMap@accent5>; <clrMap@accent5>; <clrMap@accent6>; <clrMap@accent6>; <clrMap@bg1>; <clrMap@bg1>; <clrMap@bg2>; <clrMap@bg2>; <clrMap@folHlink>; <clrMap@folHlink>; <clrMap@hlink>; <clrMap@hlink>; <clrMap@tx1>; <clrMap@tx1>; <clrMap@tx2>; <clrMap@tx2>; <clrMapOvr@accent1>; <clrMapOvr@accent2>; <clrMapOvr@accent3>; <clrMapOvr@accent4>; <clrMapOvr@accent5>; <clrMapOvr@accent6>; <clrMapOvr@bg1>; <clrMapOvr@bg2>; <clrMapOvr@folHlink>; <clrMapOvr@hlink>; <clrMapOvr@tx1>; <clrMapOvr@tx2>; <overrideClrMapping@accent1>; <overrideClrMapping@accent2>; <overrideClrMapping@accent3>; <overrideClrMapping@accent4>; <overrideClrMapping@accent5>; <overrideClrMapping@accent6>; <overrideClrMapping@bg1>; <overrideClrMapping@bg2>; <overrideClrMapping@folHlink>; <overrideClrMapping@hlink>; <overrideClrMapping@tx1>; <overrideClrMapping@tx2>

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this simple type:

<simpleType name="ST_ColorSchemeIndex">
	<restriction base="xsd:token">
	<enumeration value="dk1"/>
	<enumeration value="lt1"/>
	<enumeration value="dk2"/>
	<enumeration value="lt2"/>
	<enumeration value="accent1"/>
	<enumeration value="accent2"/>
	<enumeration value="accent3"/>
	<enumeration value="accent4"/>
	<enumeration value="accent5"/>
	<enumeration value="accent6"/>
	<enumeration value="hlink"/>
	<enumeration value="folHlink"/>