<ST_AlgorithmType> (Algorithm Types)

Types of available algorithms.

This simple type's contents are a restriction of the XML Schema token datatype.

The following are possible enumeration values for this type:

Enumeration Value


<composite> (Composite)

The composite algorithm specifies the size and position for all child layout nodes. You can use it to create graphics with a predetermined layout or in combination with other algorithms to create more complex shapes.

<conn> (Connector Algorithm)

The connector algorithm lays out and routes connecting lines, arrows, and shapes between layout nodes.

<cycle> (Cycle Algorithm)

The cycle algorithm lays out child layout nodes around a circle or portion of a circle using equal angle spacing.

<hierChild> (Hierarchy Child Algorithm)

The hierarchy child algorithm works with the hierRoot algorithm to create hierarchical tree layouts. This algorithm aligns and positions its child layout nodes in a linear path under the hierRoot layout node.

<hierRoot> (Hierarchy Root Algorithm)

The hierarchy root algorithm works with the hierChild algorithm to create hierarchical tree layouts. The hierRoot algorithm aligns and positions the hierRoot layout node in relation to the hierChild layout nodes.

<lin> (Linear Algorithm)

The linear algorithm lays out child layout nodes along a linear path.

<pyra> (Pyramid Algorithm)

The pyramid algorithm lays out child layout nodes along a vertical path and works with the trapezoid shape to create a pyramid.

<snake> (Snake Algorithm)

The snake algorithm lays out child layout nodes along a linear path in two dimensions, allowing the linear flow to continue across multiple rows or columns.

<sp> (Space Algorithm)

The space algorithm is used to specify a minimum space between other layout nodes or as an indication to do nothing with the layout node’s size and position.

<tx> (Text Algorithm)

The text algorithm sizes text to fit inside a shape and controls its margins and alignment.

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The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this simple type:

<simpleType name="ST_AlgorithmType" final="restriction">
	<restriction base="xsd:token">
	<enumeration value="composite"/>
	<enumeration value="conn"/>
	<enumeration value="cycle"/>
	<enumeration value="hierChild"/>
	<enumeration value="hierRoot"/>
	<enumeration value="pyra"/>
	<enumeration value="lin"/>
	<enumeration value="sp"/>
	<enumeration value="tx"/>
	<enumeration value="snake"/>