<ST_ConnectorDimension> (Connector Dimension)

This simple type defines the dimensionality of the connection between two nodes.

This simple type's contents are a restriction of the XML Schema token datatype.

The following are possible enumeration values for this type:

Enumeration Value


<1D> (1 Dimension)

Specifies a one dimensional connection, or rather a line.

<2D> (2 Dimensions)

Specifies a two dimensional connection which has both width and height.

<cust> (Custom)

Specifies a custom connection type.

Referenced By


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this simple type:

<simpleType name="ST_ConnectorDimension" final="restriction">
	<restriction base="xsd:token">
	<enumeration value="1D"/>
	<enumeration value="2D"/>
	<enumeration value="cust"/>