<ST_FunctionValue> (Function Value)

Conditional expression function value.

This simple type is defined as a union of the following types:

  • TheXML Schema int datatype.

  • TheXML Schema boolean datatype.

  • TheST_Direction simple type (§

  • TheST_HierBranchStyle simple type (§

  • TheST_AnimOneStr simple type (§

  • TheST_AnimLvlStr simple type (§

  • TheST_ResizeHandlesStr simple type (§

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The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this simple type:

<simpleType name="ST_FunctionValue" final="restriction">
	<union memberTypes="xsd:int xsd:boolean ST_Direction ST_HierBranchStyle ST_AnimOneStr ST_AnimLvlStr ST_ResizeHandlesStr"/>