<lastRenderedPageBreak> (Position of Last Calculated Page Break)

This element specifies that this position delimited the end of a page when this document was last saved by an application which paginates its content.

[: This element shall be used by applications to specify the locations of page breaks within a document when it is saved as WordprocessingML, in order to allow other applications (e.g. assistive software) to utilize this information when reading the document. ]

  <w:t>This is the end</w:t>
  <w:t xml:space="preserve"> of the page</w:t>

The <lastRenderedPageBreak> element indicates that there was a page break resulting from pagination of this content, which occurred between the word end and the word of. ]

Parent Elements

<r>; <r>

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_Empty"/>