<rubyPr> (Phonetic Guide Properties)

This element specifies a set of properties which determine the behavior and appearance of a phonetic guide within the document.



The properties for both of these phonetic guides are as follows:

      <w:rubyAlign w:val="distributeSpace" />
      <w:hps w:val="16" />
      <w:hpsRaise w:val="20" />
      <w:hpsBaseText w:val="22" /> 
      <w:lid w:val="ja-JP" /> 

The phonetic guide properties specify that the guide text shall be:

  • Distributed across the top (using the <rubyAlign> element)

  • 8 point font face (using the <hps> element)

  • 10 points above the base text (using the <hpaRaise> element)

  • Japanese (using the <lid> element)

As well, the phonetic guide properties specify that the base text shall be:

  • 11 point font face (using the <hpsBaseText> element)

Parent Elements


Child Elements


<dirty> (Invalidated Field Cache)


<hps> (Phonetic Guide Text Font Size)


<hpsBaseText> (Phonetic Guide Base Text Font Size)


<hpsRaise> (Distance Between Phonetic Guide Text and Phonetic Guide Base Text)


<lid> (Language ID for Phonetic Guide)


<rubyAlign> (Phonetic Guide Text Alignment)


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_RubyPr">
	<element name="rubyAlign" type="CT_RubyAlign"/>
	<element name="hps" type="CT_HpsMeasure"/>
	<element name="hpsRaise" type="CT_HpsMeasure"/>
	<element name="hpsBaseText" type="CT_HpsMeasure"/>
	<element name="lid" type="CT_Lang"/>
	<element name="dirty" type="CT_OnOff" minOccurs="0"/>