<captions> (Caption Settings)

This element specifies the presence of information about captions in a given WordprocessingML document. This information is divided into two components:

  • The child element <caption> defines the format for a single type of caption to be automatically added to the document.

  • The child element <autoCaptions> defines the types of objects to which a caption format shall automatically be applied.

This information should be used to determine the captions which are automatically added to objects when they are inserted into a WordprocessingML document.
Note: : This setting is typically ignored unless it is specified in an application's default template.

In this diagram, the table contained in the WordprocessingML document has been labeled by inserting a caption below the table consisting of the string Table followed by a decimal number. This automatically inserted caption format is specified using the following WordprocessingML:

  <w:caption w:name="Table" w:pos="below" w:numFmt="decimal" /> 

Here, the <captions> element specifies the presence of one or more caption formats in a given WordprocessingML document with its child element <caption>. Specifically, the child element <caption> specifies a single type of caption to be used within the WordprocessingML document. ]

Captioning leverages fields (§2.16.5) to label objects with reference to either:

  • Other captioned objects within a given document

  • Other captioned objects within the same chapter in a given document (when chapter numbers are added by specifiying the @chapNum attribute on the caption type. A chapter is a section of text within a WordprocessingML document that is preceded by content with a style that has been specified by to demarcate chapters in documents. Only one style may be specified as the style used for a single caption type to demarcate chapters in a document. A chapter ends immediately above the next instance of content with the style used to demarcate chapters.


This diagram depicts a WordprocessingML document containing two chapters, each containing two tables labeled with captions. The style associated with chapter demarcation has been applied to the strings: Chapter 1 - FY02 and Chapter 2 - FY03 in this document. Specifically, the style used to demarcate chapters is the style with its @styleID attribute equal to Heading2 as specified by the @heading attribute value of 2 in the WordprocessingML for the caption format:

<w:caption w:name="Table" w:pos="below" w:chapNum="On" w:heading="2" w:numFmt="upperCase" w:sep="8212" /> 

In other words, the WordprocessingML above may be used to label objects (in this case, tables) inserted in a given WordprocessingML document generated by an application with a caption consisting of: the string Table followed by a decimal number corresponding with the chapter number in which the table is present, a hyphen, and a capital English letter corresponding with the given table's index within the given chapter. e]


Parent Elements


Child Elements


<autoCaptions> (Automatic Captioning Settings)


<caption> (Single Caption Type Definition)


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_Captions">
	<element name="caption" type="CT_Caption" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
	<element name="autoCaptions" type="CT_AutoCaptions" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1"/>