<doNotDemarcateInvalidXml> (Do Not Show Visual Indicator For Invalid Custom XML Markup)

This element specifies whether a visual cue should be displayed around content contained in a WordprocessingML document which is contained with custom XML markup specified via the <customXml> element when an application determines that the current XML markup (or its contents) violate the constraints of the attached XML schema(s).

If this element is not present in a WordprocessingML document visual cues shall be displayed on content contained in custom XML markup in a WordprocessingML document which is considered to be invalid based on the associated XML schema(s).

<w:doNotDemarcateInvalidXml w:val="true"/> 

The <doNotDemarcateInvalidXml> element's @val attribute has a value of true specifying the display of any visual indication of invalid custom XML markup shall be suppressed for this document. ]

Parent Elements




<val> (On/Off Value)

Specifies a binary value for the property defined by the parent XML element.

A value of on, 1, or true specifies that the property shall be explicitly applied. This is the default value for this attribute, and is implied when the parent element is present, but this attribute is omitted.

A value of off, 0, or false specifies that the property shall be explicitly turned off.

<w:… w:val="off"/>

The @val attribute explicitly declares that the property is turned off. ]

The possible values for this attribute are defined by the ST_OnOff simple type (§2.18.67).

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_OnOff">
	<attribute name="val" type="ST_OnOff"/>